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Higher Education Open Day

Date: 17-Oct-18 to 17-Oct-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
We offer Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) which are equivalent to the first 2 years of University study. Qualifications are available in: Fashion, Product Design: Ceramics Pathway, Music:Performance or Production, Performing Arts, Business and Social & Community Work. At our event you can:- Learn more about our HNDs from our academic team- Get help with your application- Tour our facilities- Gain information on career and BA (Hon) degree progression opportunities.

PR Masterclass for SMEs

Date: 19-Oct-18 to 19-Oct-18
Location: United Kingdom
The PR Masterclass is for small to medium sized businesses in any industry, whether business to business or business to consumer. Topics covered: - How to get your company featured in national newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and on - Marketing yourself as an expert in your - Getting your company noticed by celebrities and top - Writing a media release, designed to get journalists’ - Taking photos the media will want to - How you can promote your company without spending - Creating a year-long PR strategy to benefit your There’s no doubt good PR can transform a business, which is why it can be so difficult for new businesses and SMEs to compete with their bigger and better established competitors, who are lucky enough to have a ...

Certified ScrumMaster®(CSM) in New York, NY, United States

Date: 20-Oct-18 to 21-Oct-18
Location: New York / United States
KnowledgeHut is a Global Registered Education Provider (REP) of Scrum Alliance and our two-day Certified ScrumMaster training is delivered by Scrum Alliance Certified Trainers (CSTs) who will provide you with a deeper understanding of the three overarching areas of change under Scrum: Iterative Development, Self-Management, and Visibility required for greater project success as a ScrumMaster. You will also gain comprehensive understanding of the Scrum Methodology alongside reviewing the conduct expected of a ScrumMaster, which is critical to carrying out your role in the most efficient manner. Benefits: From the course: Understanding of Scrum framework, including team roles, activities, and artifacts to get a project off on the right Practical, project-proven Understanding ...

Salt Lake City's Largest MBA & Professional Networking event!

Date: 22-Oct-18 to 22-Oct-18
Join us at the QS World MBA Tour in Salt Lake City this October 22nd for an inspiring day of networking, career advice and MBA opportunities. Whether you're exploring how to get ahead in your career or are ready to apply to business schools, this event is packed full of resources to help you on your professional journey. Meet over 25+ Business Schools this October such as *Harvard, *Wharton, *Columbia, *MIT, *Stanford, *Kellogg, NYU Stern, Cornell, Georgetown and more! What to expect on the day: - Open fair with 25+ business schools - Seminars and information panels to answer all your - Networking with local alumni and industry - Access to MBA scholarships worth $7 million! You'll also receive: - A FREE professional headshot for your LinkedIn - A FREE resume review ...

International Masters and PhD fair in Stockholm

Date: 22-Oct-18 to 22-Oct-18
Location: Stockholm / Sweden
Thinking about grad school? Want to apply for $1.3 million of exclusive scholarships? Then mark Monday, October 22nd in your diary – that’s when the QS World Grad School Tour comes to town! If you are considering taking a master or PhD in the near future then this is a must-see event. The top-ranked grad schools from around the world will be presenting their graduate programs; the full A-Z of subjects are on offer. Entrance is free, it’s a great opportunity to attend info sessions and ask questions directly to admissions directors from the best universities from Norway, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, Hong Kong, Italy and many more! Main Features of the Fair: - Apply for $1.3 million (USD) exclusive scholarships - Speak face-to-face with representatives from ...

Economic Value Modeling

Date: 23-Oct-18 to 24-Oct-18
Location: Belgium
EVC (Economic Value Calculation) is an important step in the B2B value management cycle of value creation, value pricing, value communication and value selling. This training programme is focus on the process, the technique and the use of EVC as important instrument to understand, communicate and sell your differentiated value.

The Leading International Masters and PhD Fair in Oslo

Date: 23-Oct-18 to 23-Oct-18
Location: Oslo / Norway
Thinking of pursuing a Master degree abroad? Then come to our Master and PhD fair and meet face to face with admission directors from top international universities offering a broad spectrum of Masters and PhD programs. Receive information about studying abroad and which program can help you reach your career goals at the QS World Grad School Tour Oslo. Main Features of the Fair : - Meet face to face with admission directors from the world’s top universities - Apply for US$ 7 million of exclusive scholarships offered by QS and its partner institutions to all fair  - The chance to meet with alumni from universities around the world and learn about their personal experience of studying - Admissions seminar and school presentations with representatives of highly ranked ...

Retail Marketing: Branding, Social Media & Video Production

Date: 23-Oct-18 to 23-Oct-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
We will have three speakers who will immerse us in the most interesting topics to grow your business through Marketing. Our first guest speaker and brand development at Blattler ltd, David Keene, will be talking about why branding matters, the tips and the tactics of the trade. Michael Palinski a Digital Marketing Consultant at NetSwifter, will walk us through Marketing Digital and Social Media for Business 101, why to start, where to start and how to begin. Michael will then go into further detail about which marketing channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp and Foursquare) are the best for your business. To conclude Film Specialist, Chris Searson, Creative Producer at Blueprint Film. From his vantage point as an expert in production Chris will shed ...

Digital Marketing Workshop

Date: 24-Oct-18 to 24-Oct-18
A workshop on identifying the priorities in your social media. What brings you the best return and how to leverage your time and resources. Workshop includes: -Worksheet -Comp 20 min phone consultation (scheduled for a later date) -One person will walk away with our Digital Marketing Planner and a One-year membership to our #FlexYourInfluence site.