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10.000 EUR in drei Tagen: Was können Krypto-Währungen wirklich?

Date: 18-Aug-18 to 03-Jan-19
Location: Hamburg / Germany
Ob BitCoin, NameCoin, DogeCoin, LiteCoin: Krypowährungen sind der Hype und versprechen neben anonymen Geldtransfers auch das schnelle Geld mit kurzfristigen Spekulationen. Wir nehmen in diesem zweistündigen Experten-Vortrag die Funktionsweise der Kryptowährungen genauer unter die Lupe und vergleichen die Angebote. Auf solider technischer Grundlage analysieren wir gemeinsam die Hintergründe, Möglichkeiten, Chancen und Risiken der digitalen Währungen. Themenübersicht des Vortrags: Historie und thematischer Kurzüberblick Wie funktionieren Krypto-Währungen wirklich? Vergleich von Krypto-Währungen Analyse des Aktionspotentials Risikoanalyse von Krypo-Währungen Aktuelle Verdienstmöglichkeiten Weitere Informationen Zielgruppe: Personen ab 16 JahrenTyp: Vortrag, mind. 10 Personen ...

43rd ACAD Conference, Thredbo Australia

Date: 19-Aug-18 to 23-Aug-18
Location: Australia
Welcome to ACAD, where skiing and dentistry come together! We on the ACAD committee strive to organise the best scientific program in the most picturesque locations. Our annual Thredbo conference speaks for itself with a large group of returning delegates every year- some having done so for decades. Family's and dentist of any age are made to feel welcome at our conferences, bringing everyone together for a week of lectures, snow sports and social events. Join us at: Thredbo 2018, 19-24 Up to 14 CPD hours are available at each conference. We also encourage involvement from a variety of sponsors. Sponsorship can be in the form of social activity support, provision of specialist presenters or display booths garnered from sponsorship. Each year we challenge ourselves to provide ...

Key Risk Indicators - New York

Date: 22-Aug-18 to 23-Aug-18
Location: New York / United States
This seminar offers a full review of the role and attributes of KRIs in financial services. It clarifies some confusing ideas about KRIs and offers insight on their role in a risk management framework. The seminar also reviews many examples of the best performing KRIs in banking and financial markets activities and proposes a step by step methodology to select and design preventive KRIs.

IP Fundamentals #2: Protect Premium Pricing Putting Your Portfolio to Work

Date: 22-Aug-18 to 22-Aug-18
Location: United States
OVERVIEW Join Access Silicon Valley in Palo Alto for light dinner, networking, and a workshop: IP Fundamentals #2 When developing a plan to capture and protect a company’s intellectual property (IP), it is important to understand the various stages involved, what stage the company is currently in, and what is coming next. There are three important stages that effect how a company will develop and protect its IP portfolio. In the first session Gillespie discussed the issues and concerns that occur even before you start creating IP. Then he looked at what types of IP you will be creating and discussed how each type can help a business achieve and maintain the number one business objective: Premium Pricing. In this session, IP Fundamentals #2, Noel will cover how you put together a IP ...

6 pasos para construir Negocios Extraordinarios

Date: 22-Aug-18 to 22-Aug-18
Location: Dominican Republic
Cada vez es más común observar empresarios que trabajan demasiadas horas, pero que no obtienen los resultados que necesitan para que su negocio sobreviva en un entorno competitivo o logre crecimiento sostenible. Los desafíos del día a día, la falta de tiempo, asuntos “urgentes”, carencias en los equipos de trabajo y necesidades personales, compiten con las funciones estratégicas que corresponden al dueño de negocio. En el seminario “6 pasos para construir Negocios Extraordinarios” podrás aprender los fundamentos que todo empresario debe conocer para alcanzar el éxito.

1-Day Business Growth Workshop with Dale Beaumont in Parramatta CBD

Date: 23-Aug-18 to 23-Aug-18
Location: Australia
Are you a business owner that's... Not generating enough leads? Working too many hours? Not making enough profit? Overwhelmed with technology? If you’ve answered YES to any of the issues above, don’t worry, you are not alone. The vast majority of business owners struggle with these same issues too.I want to let you in on a best-kept secret that business owners are using to reduce pressure, streamline their productivity and hit the accelerator button on their profits. Places are limited and filling fast, so click now to claim your free ticket before it’s too late.Sign up for ‘52 Ways’ to learn: Which online tools you can access RIGHT NOW to streamline your business How to automate your business to cut hours from your admin work Which elements of your ...

OrangeHat Hackers Summit - the Amazon Sellers' Underground Society

Date: 23-Aug-18 to 25-Aug-18
Location: Montreal / Canada
This is NOT your ordinary conference for Amazon sellers. NOT AT ALL!!!It's a no fluff, no pitch, hack-after-hack (all legal) style WORKSHOP. The clever tricks you never knew existed!!!The hacks that make all the difference.APPLY them while you listen to the trainer and see the results IMMEDIATELY!Nothing that you find on FB groups, courses or Youtube. If you want to join and contribute to a small group of the most successful sellers on Amazon, this is your evaluation ticket. Over the years selling on Amazon, our "unknown" million dollar trainers have accumulated a number of secret techniques that allow them to stay competitive for longer and earn more profit. Some secrets are meant to be kept forever, but working alone is a hard task. As Amazon rules change, we are looking ...

Time Management Workshop

Date: 24-Aug-18 to 24-Aug-18
Location: Adelaide / Australia
The time management workshop will develop you in to a highly effective individual who is able to identify and  focus on the tasks with the greatest impact to the organisation and yourself.  What does the workshop cover? Through 10 engaging, interactive sessions participants will: - Handle crises effectively and quickly - Delegate more efficiently - Plan meetings appropriately and effectively - Plan and prioritise each day's activities in a more efficient, productive manner - Overcome procrastination quickly and easily - Organise your work space and workflow to make better use of time What is included in the workshop fee? - Morning & afternoon tea, lunch included - Workbook & Action Plan - Expert Facilitator - Full Day Workshop - Certificate of Completion ...