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2nd Innovative and Creative Education and Teaching International Conference (ICETIC)

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 22-Jun-18
Location: Spain
ICETIC is an international forum for researchers, scientists, scholars and students to share their experiences, ideas and research results about all aspects related to creativity and innovation in education, and also want to discuss the practical challenges encountered and their possible solutions.

Capital Requirements: CRD IV to CRD V and Basel IV

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
Day one will be led by Patricia White, an independent consultant and author, mentor and tutor for ALMA’s certificate in Bank ALM Qualification. The day will start with an in-depth presentation covering the capital requirements of CRD IV and the use of the capital buffers. Further sessions will include topics such as; liquidity coverage ratio and how to meet the requirements and liquidity stress testing. Day one will finish with a session on IRRBB and a discussion on Basel IV requirements. Day two will provide participants with a comprehensive look at operational risk capital modelling under CRD IV and counterparty credit risk. The second half of the day will provide understanding of stress testing capital and insight in to what FRTB looks like under CRD IV.

Data Governance: Latest Developments and Best Practice

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: New York / United States
WatersTechnology Training has launched this innovative two day training course designed to cover all the need to know elements of data governance in financial institutions today. Sessions will include designing and implementing a data governance framework, the impact of regulatory mandates such as BCBS 239 and improving data quality and operational efficiencies. The course is delivered by a variety of expert practitioners from leading financial institutions and consultancies, and held in an open, discussion based environment to promote the sharing of best practice approaches.

Model Risk Management: Risk, Pricing & Non-Models

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: New York / United States
Day one will cover the history of model risk management and the regulatory landscape, followed by how to go about building a model risk management strategy and manage a models life cycle. The day continues with an overview of model validation and prudent valuation. Day two begins with an overview of how to manage model risk for non-pricing models, before going on to a discussion on credit model validation and what new strategies need to be in place to be CECL compliant. The course finished with a discussion on whether you can utilise machine learning for model validation and a look at model risk into the future.

9th Total C&B seminar

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: Brussels / Belgium
This 9th ‘Total Compensation & Benefits’ seminar is an intensive two-day event designed to address today's challenges in rewards, performance management and compensation strategies. The effect of C&B on employee performance, satisfaction and organisational commitment is hard to exaggerate. Rewarding and engaging employees in today's dynamic work environment is challenging. To win the war for talent, you need to get creative with your thinking. Today's reward landscape seems to be more challenging than ever before. Never have we seen so many evolutions occurring at the same time. As a consequence, there is a huge need to further professionalise the reward function. Attend and be better equipped to: • Design innovative, efficient and effective PM strategies to boost ...

Securing the mobile workforce

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 20-Jun-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
Securing the mobile Traditional appliance and desktop based solutions designed to protect fixed corporate networks are failing to protect corporate information. At this breakfast we will discuss the solutions to these problems. Part of the answer lies in education. Part in access control, in the restriction of what devices and which people can access corporate information remotely. In addition there are a number of technical solutions. During the meeting we will focus on strategic questions such as: - What cyber risks do employees pose to information security when they access corporate data, irrespective of where they are located or what device they are using? - How can human and process defences be combined with technological solutions to provide the strongest possible ...

Moonee Ponds - Free professional development for primary school teachers

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 20-Jun-18
Location: Australia
This workshop provides an opportunity for teachers and curriculum leaders to build their understanding of how to authentically connect dimensions of the Victorian Curriculum to promote values education and student well-being. Led by the knowledgeable and dynamic, Dr Tracey McAskill, don’t miss out on this opportunity to refresh practice and find ways to connect learning across the curriculum. The centrepiece of this workshop is a newly developed resource that was written by teachers for teachers. Sponsored by the ATO, this resource connects the learning areas of English, Mathematics, HASS, HPE and the Arts and foregrounds the general capabilities of Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability and Ethical Understanding. The focus of the resource is on developing civic ...

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI- ACP) 3 Days Classroom in Washington

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 22-Jun-18
Certification Planner® PMI Agile Certified Practitioner(ACP) program is aligned with PMI certification exam and 2017 updates. CP’s PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) training program is designed by industry experts that equip individuals with knowledge to pass the PMI-ACP certification exam in the first attempt. Gain hands-on knowledge on different phases of the project, learn agile management skills and agile life cycle. Learn to effectively apply agile in any project. Our instructor provides in-depth knowledge on different areas of Agile that help participants grow as a versatile agile professional.   Our instructors with over 20 years of experience offer a high-quality training program to assist you to learn a broad range of agile methodologies, including Lean, Kanban, Scrum ...

Cine Coaching

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: Brazil
AS MIL PALAVRAS Por que participar do Cine Coaching? Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) é um homem que não mede as palavras na hora de conseguir um objetivo, principalmente na área profissional, com isso o destino resolve lhe dar uma lição. Depois de trapacear em um acordo, Jack descobre uma árvore em seu jardim e percebe que, a cada nova palavra que pronuncia, uma folha cai. Quando a milésima folha cair, Jack morrerá. Com isso Jack começa uma difícil missão de tentar economizar as palavras, enquanto tenta descobrir uma solução para o problema.. Se prepare para assistir filmes com um olhar totalmente diferente. Uma incrível obra cinematográfica que vai te passar uma grande lição com a ajuda dos Coaches Márcio Ferreira e Josi Donatti. Se você acredita que pode ir além do que você ...