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Mayo Clinic Pathology Update 2019

Date: 24-Jan-19 to 26-Jan-19
Location: Phoenix / United States
• An elite roster of speakers joins world-renowned pathologists, Dr. John Hart, Dr. Ming Zhou, and Dr. Lysandra Voltaggio at our 4th annual, 2.5-day general surgical pathology course. • Discussions include gastrointestinal, gynecologic, genitourinary, cytology, soft tissue, skin, and hematologic organ systems. • Presentations will include practical discussions of diagnostic challenges, need-to-know molecular updates, and emerging issues. Attendee participation is encouraged via audience response system and engaging case reviews.

Pattern Trader Introductory Session -Surviving Today's Volatile Market

Date: 24-Jan-19 to 24-Jan-19
Location: Singapore / Singapore
The Pattern Trader™ Tutorial and all its specialist workshops are designed for short-term traders, medium-term investors and individuals (e.g. business owners) who are looking to improve their financial knowledge and status.  For more than 12 years, the Tutorial has evolved to become an all-encompassing, complete and holistic educational program for Finance and Economics.  It has been the starting ground for many novice retail traders and has groomed many institutional traders, financial analysts, bunker traders, dealers, brokers, remisiers and financial graduates from all over the world More importantly, the Tutorial has moved well into its second decade, the Tutorial has outlived almost all of its rivals to continuously support and grow its graduates. The Pattern Trader™ ...

Insights Discovery 1 day Workshop

Date: 25-Jan-19 to 25-Jan-19
Location: United Kingdom
Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool based on the work of Carl Jung. It was developed to help people understand themselves, understand others, and make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace. The methodology uses a simple and memorable four colour model to help individuals understand their style, their strengths and the value they bring to the team. We call these the colour energies, and it's the unique mix of Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue energies, which shape understanding of how and why people behave the way they do. So what is the power of Insights Discovery and how can it support development and performance? - Increase personal effectiveness and self- - Explore and enable a range of behavioural - Build and ...

New York - The World's Largest MBA Tour!

Date: 26-Jan-19 to 26-Jan-19
Location: New York / United States
Join us at the QS World MBA Tour in New York this, January 26th, for an inspiring afternoon of networking, career advice and MBA opportunities. Whether you're exploring how to get ahead in your career or are ready to apply to business schools, this event is packed with resources to help you on your professional journey. Join us at the largest MBA Tour in New York to explore your MBA options. There are countless benefits to receiving an MBA. From moving up the career ladder, to gaining the skills you need to start your own business, an MBA opens many new career doors to you. At this FREE MBA event you can meet with a variety of top business schools, get all your admissions questions answered, receive GMAT test-prep advice, gain access to scholarships, and much more. There is limited space ...

WordPress Grundlagen | So erstellst Du deine eigene Website

Date: 26-Jan-19 to 26-Jan-19
Location: Stuttgart / Germany
Mit WordPress zur eigenen Website Du lernst in nur wenigen Stunden, wie Du mit WordPress eine Website erstellst. Dieses kostenlose Open-Source-System eignet sich hervorragend zur Erstellung professioneller Websites für Unternehmen, Vereine und Privatpersonen. WordPress Workshop Am Ende des Kurstages kannst Du eine eigene Website mit WordPress erstellen, die vielen professionellen Anforderungen hinsichtlich Responsive Design und Benutzungsfreundlichekeit entspricht, und die bereits einige interessante Funktionen anbietet (Formulare, Slideshows, u.a.). Der Kurs wendet sich in erster Linie an Anfänger bis Personen mit mäßiger WordPress Erfahrung. Lernziele die du erreichen wirst! Du kennst die 10 Gründe warum WordPress die optimale Plattform für deine Website ist Wie du WordPress ...

Reunion De Negocios

Date: 26-Jan-19 to 26-Jan-19
Location: Mexico
El señor Donald Bradley, fundador y CEO, en compañía, introduciran esta gran oportunidad de negocio que cambiara tu vida! Tendras la oportunidad de escuchar la visión y adquirir un negocio en una de las industrias mas lucrativas del mundo... el turismo! ¿Sabias que actualmente hay ventas de 8 billones de dolares anuales? ¿Sabes las ventas proyectadas dentro de los siguientes 10 años? En este lanzamiento oficial tendras la oportunidad de aprender todo lo relacionado con la industria del turismo y como ser uno de los pioneros en el mercado mexicano, latinoamericano, y europeo y poder generar ingresos extraordinarios! Si eres un líder y tienes vision, tienes una alma ambiciosa y viajera, deseas mejorar tu estilo de vida y alcanzar libertad financiera no faltes a este evento único! Se parte de ...

Inicio da advocacia: Passo a passo para se tornar um advogado bem sucedido

Date: 28-Jan-19 to 01-Feb-19
Location: Belo Horizonte / Brazil
Você se tornou um advogado(a). E agora? Como atrair seus primeiros clientes? Como conquistar o seu espaço em um mercado tão concorrido? Aprenda tudo isso em um curso presencial e alavanque a sua advocacia. Quando saímos da Faculdade de Direito, somos tomados por diversas duvidas. · Como conseguir o primeiro trabalho? · Não sei advogar! · Como conquistar clientes? · Como ganhar experiência? · Não posso fazer publicidade? A faculdade não nos preparou para este momento e pensando nisto nós do Advogando Fora da Caixa desenvolvemos um curso que busca suprir esta necessidade dos jovens advogados. Neste curso que ocorre de forma presencial, você terá muito contato prático com o desenvolvimento de um planejamento de carreira, da sua advocacia e do seu escritório. ...

The Awards Summit @ Events Events 19

Date: 29-Jan-19 to 29-Jan-19
Location: United Kingdom
Events-Events is a vibrant, conversation-starting event for events people. This one day event has a unique blend of high-level content for every discipline of event professional. The event attracts a 400-strong audience from senior management; business development; marketing; awards; logistics and operations who will take-awaythe unique insights provided by the superlative panel of 50+ speakers. Events Events enables enlightening conversations and empowers new connections which will help you take your events to greater heights in 2019. Feedback to the 2018 event was amazingly positive and we look forward to an even bigger and better 2019 Events Events #Events19! “EventsEvents surpassed my expectations. Very interesting and appropriate content. I’ve suggested that this event should be a ...

BridgeTalks with Andy Barrow

Date: 29-Jan-19 to 29-Jan-19
Location: United Kingdom
Bridge Talks is lecture series designed to inspire business-minds on a variety of subjects relating to employee engagement, leadership and culture. Launched in 2014, each talk is delivered in a relaxed and easy-to-relate manner, allowing attendees to gain further insight into business, people and real solutions. One speaker, one topic, and a great networking opportunity. BridgeTalks Tuesday, 29th We will hear from guest speaker, Andy Barrow, Paralympian & Inspirational Speaker. As a triple Paralympian and former GB Wheelchair Rugby captain, Andy will share his insight into "Performing Under Pressure" and being able to balance attention to detail and the bigger picture in order to do that effectively. Registration from 6.30 PM | Talk from 7 Guest speaker segment (...