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How to Set Up a Business: Sole Trader or Ltd Company

Date: 28-Apr-18 to 28-Apr-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
Put your business ideas into practice and become your own boss! This unmissable experience will guide you through the basics of what you need to know before starting up as a sole trader or limited company in England. Suitable for people with or without a developed business idea, this engaging and informative lecture given by Jorge Wilson, adviser to the commercial department of several government consulates in the UK and founder of Britain & Latin America Logistics Ltd, a pioneering exports/imports company based in London, will save you from having to spend long hours researching and paying unnecessary high fees elsewhere. You will learn key basic aspects of setting up a business; all explained in plain English, with up-to-date information and based on real-life business ...

WFG Recruiting and Building Your Future

Date: 28-Apr-18 to 28-Apr-18
Location: Canada
Have you been working at the same job for years and want to jump into a new career? Are you worth more than hourly rate? Do you love to help people? Are you seeking more financial freedom as well as financial independence? Would you rather make $1,000 dollars in an hour helping a family live a better financial future, instead of making $1,000 dollars a week at a job working for someone else? Financial services are the highest paying industry in North America. We are looking for sharp, ambitious individuals who are good with people and with entrepreneur mindset. We are on mission to train and develop more financial coaches and educators to help us spread the message to society on the importance of managing own finances, investments and saving money. We ...

Bay Area Book Festival 2018

Date: 28-Apr-18 to 29-Apr-18
Location: United States
Whether you’re a fan of science fiction or history, of fiction or memoir, of poetry or food writing, of children’s literature or science, come experience one of the best book festivals on the planet! The Bay Area is teeming with readers, writers, creators, and thinkers. We have harnessed the power of this community to create a premier literary experience. The Festival is a two-day event complete with sessions presenting top authors from this region, the nation, and the world, along with an outdoor fair with hundreds of literary exhibitors. We also offer art installations, events for kids, and writing contests. We even have a mini film festival — a series of ten films on literature — with BAMPFA. We transform vibrant Downtown Berkeley into a literary utopia where readers of all ages and ...

How to suceed in Business Analyst - Information Technology - Info- session

Date: 28-Apr-18 to 28-Apr-18
Location: Montreal / Canada
We invite you to meet our subject matter experts and extract the best industry information that you might need to succeed in the market.How to succeed as a Business Analyst in Information This program is aimed at people with some business/management or IT background who wish to become Business Analysts, a critical role in any organization.Business Analysts are in charge of translating requirements from stakeholders to IT, teams as well as mapping and also improving and engineering business processes in the organization to ensure competitive advantages. Event Program: Greetings and Introduction to Business Program Jobs and opportunities  Enrollment & Finance options  Question time  Career advice  Is this the event ...

Learn Digital Marketing- April 2018

Date: 28-Apr-18 to 28-Apr-18
Location: Montreal / Canada
Digital Marketing As mid level trainers, we at Montreal College of Information Technology invest in and support plenty of young career objectives led by exceptional leaders. We’ve seen  candidates build expertise in a large set of functions in an reasonably short time frame in our existing programs. In our conversations, we’ve found that Digital marketing is a uniquely challenging function and we want  students to acquire the skills they need to succeed. Our Staff at MCIT team is exicted to offer the newest “Digital Marketing”training in Quebec, and we invite you check out our open house on how to get into Digital Marketing and exploit it organically.  We invite you to meet our subject matter experts and extract the best industry information that you might need to succeed in Digital ...

CFO Strategy & Leadership Programme

Date: 30-Apr-18 to 04-May-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
The CFO Leadership Programme is designed to develop the leadership and wider business expertise required of today’s and tomorrow’s high-performing CFOs. A range of strategic models are introduced, using a number of cases and then supported by debate using the real life experience of those on the course. You will understand how to choose performance measures and communicate them to non-financial colleagues to guide your organisation in a transformation program that creates value through the alignment of finance capabilities with corporate strategy.

Advanced Financial Modelling: Change the Game

Date: 30-Apr-18 to 30-Apr-18
Description In this workshop we will build on existing Excel modelling skills and apply new techniques to better analyse financial data, predict revenues and costs, assess risks and forecast economic inputs in a time-efficient and effective way.   Benefits to your Organisation Streamline model building by applying best practice functions, tools and techniques Quantify uncertainty by applying various methods of scenario testing Improve accuracy with further sensitivity analysis for better calculating risks Maximise your analytical abilities by learning conventional and new approaches of modelling Translate business concepts into logically structured models and format Learn to rebuild, audit and validate (less painfully) an inherited model Communicate the results of your model ...

Data Storytelling in Excel: Soar out of the Debris

Date: 01-May-18 to 01-May-18
Description In this workshop we will interpret data and summarise its meaning into a format that we will each then transform into easy-to-read tables, graphs and infographs using Excel that can be taken home and used again and again.  Benefits to your Organisation  Digest, consolidate, summarise and visualise data Create dashboard charts and tables using Excel tools Improve presentations with graphic design and layout Apply a narrative to infographs using best practises Consider when to use a chart, table or other graphic display Know how to use visual effects to improve their reports and presentations   Takeaways 1.    Excel templates with sample charts, tables and infographics 2.    During the course, participants will create their own visuals in Excel to take away with ...

Free Bergen County Networking Event powered by Rockstar Connect

Date: 01-May-18 to 01-May-18
Location: United States
Bergen County Networking powered by Rockstar Connect presents an evening of free business networking hosted by Avo Derbalian and David Fanale. The What: Free after hours business networking event open to all industries and professions. Bring your business cards. The Where: The Dog & Cask - 55 New Jersey -17, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 The When: Tuesday, May 1st, 6-8pm The Why: Rockstar Connect networking events are widely known as the preeminent functions to friend "successful and intriguing people." The Cost: FREE entrance and FREE light delicious complimentary appetizers will be served on a first come first serve basis. All attendees are responsible for their own alcoholic beverages. To get updates about this event, join Bergen County Networking powered by ...