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San Francisco: Free MBA & Professional Networking Event

Date: 17-Jan-19 to 17-Jan-19
Location: United States
Join us at the QS World MBA Tour in San Francisco this, January 17th, for an inspiring afternoon of networking, career advice and MBA opportunities. Whether you're exploring how to get ahead in your career or are ready to apply to business schools, this event is packed with resources to help you on your professional journey.  Join us at the largest MBA Tour in San Francisco to explore your MBA options. There are countless benefits to receiving an MBA. From moving up the career ladder, to gaining the skills you need to start your own business, an MBA opens many new career doors to you. At this FREE MBA event you can meet with a variety of top business schools, get all your admissions questions answered, receive GMAT test-prep advice, gain access to scholarships, and much more. There is ...

Influence Without Authority - Getting "YES" with grace and not force

Date: 19-Jan-19 to 21-Jan-19
Location: Singapore / Singapore
This Award-Winning 3-day programme is all about: > Gaining buy-in from people from a different generation, background or culture > Moving people into action even when they don’t report to you > Being heard and taken seriously in a world full of noise > Elevating your invisible authority starting from your first meeting > Leading without having to impose yourself. We live in a knowledge-rich era where information is available at our fingertips. But when we work with people, information and the know-how alone are not sufficient to get results. We still need the people skills to lead, engage and influence. You'll learn: - Lots of Hands-on strategies to move people from resistance to commitment - Expanding your resources and bandwidth to get through to people—rather ...

Workshop: I Fondi Europei per lo Sport e il Sociale

Date: 19-Jan-19 to 20-Jan-19
Location: Italy
ROMA 19/20 GENNAIO 2019 Dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 16.30   Quota di partecipazione : € 200,00 Il Corso che ti serve per sviluppare competenze innovative e ottenere i Fondi europei.   5 Validi motivi per partecipare Imparare dai più conosciuti ed esperti professionisti del settore come orientarsi tra i fondi europei destinati allo Sport e al Sociale; Diventare più produttivo, con nuove tecniche, strumenti e metodi di lavoro; Fare network, imparare dagli altri partecipanti, trovare partner, scambiare idee e cercare soluzioni condivise alle nuove sfide; Trovare ispirazioni ed idee per nuovi progetti; Applicare il know-how acquisito nel campo dell’europrogettazione, iniziando a presentare progetti reali già dalla prossima ...

Nutritionist Jenna Hope: unravel thr truth behind common myths - SPIN BIKE

Date: 20-Jan-19 to 20-Jan-19
Location: United Kingdom
Held at Burnr NW7 - the best group cycle boutique in North West London with some of the best indoor cycling instructors in a high end, nightclub theme Nutrition Talk With Nutritionist Jenna ‘Out With The Old: Dispelling The Most Common Nutrition Myths’ 20 th January 2019/ Event begins at 10:45am until 12:45pm at Learn the truth behind common nutrition myths that most of us buy into! Available for new clients as well, our Nutritional Talk offers the chance to meet Jenna Hope, who will shed some light on the truth behind common nutritional that most of us aren’t questioning! Starting at 10:45am, the event will include:  45 minute Spin Session with our amazing Master Trainer Melissa  Snacks & Drinks during our  Discussion with our ...

Strategy for Directors Training Course

Date: 21-Jan-19 to 23-Jan-19
Location: London / United Kingdom
This course provides an introduction to the main approaches to strategic direction and marketing within the organisation, and will assist you in your role of leading the strategic process and preparing for implementation. Gain a practical understanding of the board’s role in developing strategy, learn how to create value for your key stakeholders, appreciate the importance of market analysis and strategic decision-making, and effectively prepare for the implementation of strategies that support and enhance your organisation’s vision and values. Learning objectives: • Gain a clear understanding of the director’s role in the development of an effective • Examine how your board formulates, implements and monitors its business and marketing strategies • Appreciate the strategic ...

Resilience, Leadership Series Workshop

Date: 22-Jan-19 to 22-Jan-19
Location: United Kingdom
Our one-day workshop will identify the key traits that resilient people possess, and look at ways to foster these in ourselves and others. It will show you how to build resilience and develop a more positive approach to challenges and change, and also help delegates understand how they can develop a resilient attitude to a range of business scenarios that may create a high degree of anxiety. It will help leaders and managers develop a high performing, supportive culture and environment. Course -Understand the concept of -Overcoming and growing from -Examine the implications of resilience, personally and -How resilient are you? -Investigate the links between stress, pressure, confidence and resilience and their effect on performance and ...

Training for Non-Financial Directors in London

Date: 23-Jan-19 to 25-Jan-19
Location: United Kingdom
In today’s business world, every director needs to recognise the key financial concepts and terminology that underpin a successful understanding of their organisation’s financial position. This course designed specifically for non-financial directors and senior managers and will demystify the world of finance, allowing you to monitor the financial health of your business, evaluate business plans with confidence and contribute more effectively to boardroom discussion. By attending this course you will gain the knowledge and skills to: - Identify the financial role and responsibilities of - Interpret financial statements in accordance with accounting principles and - Establish the financial health of a business using accepted financial - Distinguish between ...

1/23/19: Flatiron Health Product VP on Building Trust

Date: 23-Jan-19 to 23-Jan-19
Location: New York / United States
TOPIC: Flatiron Health Product VP on Building Trust is your fuel for success. But how do you build trust with customers so they buy and recommend your product? How do you convince investors to fund your idea? How do you get cancer doctors to trust your software in life and death situations? Flatiron Health Product VP Keith Cowing will answer these questions and more as he walks through his experience in building products, building companies, and building trust with demanding customers. About The Speaker: Keith Cowing is the VP of Product Management at Flatiron Health, where he builds products to help cancer patients live longer and healthier lives. He is also a career advisor at Prior to joining Flatiron, Keith was the founder and CEO of Seamless Receipts (...

1/23/19: TechCrunch Product Lead on Managing Legacy Products

Date: 23-Jan-19 to 23-Jan-19
TOPIC: TechCrunch Product Lead on Managing Legacy Brand new products are built under great blue skies of possibility. It is much simpler to build a great product from the ground up than it is to inherit an in-market product with a long history and turn it around. Given our desire to innovate and move forward, how to do you work with members of your team who are used to “the way things have always been?” Most importantly, how do you connect with customers who feel the same way? TechCrunch Product Lead Nicole Wilke talks about the advantages of working on legacy products and review strategies that can drive them forward without having an existential crisis. About the Speaker: Nicole Wilke is the Head of Product at TechCrunch - where she leads the company's product, design, and ...