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Education Events

Crucial Conversations Training Event Toronto, ON November 2019

Date: 19-Nov-19 to 22-Nov-19
Location: Toronto / Canada
The Crucial Conversations course offered by VitalSmarts is designed to provide participants with the skills to participate in open dialogue and achieve alignment and agreement on important subjects. Participants will learn how to create open conversations around emotional, high-stakes, or risky topics and speak and be heard in their organisation. Upon completion of this course, organisations will see results in the following areas: Teamwork Productivity & Quality Relationships Performance Efficiency This course is suitable for individuals, teams and organisations. After finishing this course, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Line Management Course - 20th November 2019 - Impact Factory London

Date: 20-Nov-19 to 21-Nov-19
Location: United Kingdom
Our popular line management course is suitable for newly appointed line managers, and those with experience who want to improve their effectiveness. It will help you feel more confident in your ability to manage, encourage and inspire others. This line management training is designed to help you understand and engage with what a line manager is supposed to do. We'll demonstrate and help you practise tools and techniques that will give you more confidence in your ability to manage others. Course Looking at the Line Management Getting from Managed to Identifying Unspoken Increasing your Motivating and Inspiring Giving Essential Practising Effective Feeding Upward to Your Own Establishing Clear ...

How to Start & Run a Successful Restaurant or Coffee Bar Workshop in London

Date: 22-Nov-19 to 22-Nov-19
Location: United Kingdom
Explore the best ways of testing your business idea and challenging it with all the available financial information. Learn how to prepare a competitor analysis. Learn about the numbers that you should have in mind in order to make the business a profitable one. We will also talk about the process of choosing suppliers, effectively managing the stock and talk about staffing and building a team amongst many other aspects of your business. There is also an opportunity to find out about the necessary legal requirements and the importance of finding a suitable property. The event will cover: Coming up with the Market Generating a Suppliers and Legal Choosing the right The customer service Apps and The important ...

Filmando a noite - Exterior e Interior

Date: 23-Nov-19 to 24-Nov-19
Location: Sao Paulo / Brazil
Gravando Noturnas apresenta abordagens, análises e técnicas de captação para cenas noturnas para cinema, TV, documentário... O aumento do nível de iluminação e a diversificação das fontes de luz em locais noturnos - públicos ou privados, ao contrario do que se possa imaginar, torna o trabalho do diretor de fotografia mais complexo por exigir mais conhecimentos e adaptações. O Workshop irá acontecer nos dias 23 e 24 de novembro no Estúdios Quanta das 14h as 22h. O Workshop é teórico e prático, para que o participante tenha seus procedimentos embasados no conhecimento de todos os "porquês" do processo. Para criar imagens originais e com liberdade criativa é necessário conhecer todas as opções técnicas e estéticas existentes na atualidade. Trataremos de interiores e exteriores ...

Presentation Skills Course - 25th November 2019 - Impact Factory London

Date: 25-Nov-19 to 25-Nov-19
Location: United Kingdom
The presentation course looks at all the factors that affect how confidently you deliver any presentation, anywhere. It will help you look forward to your next presentation instead of wishing you were still under the duvet. It offers simple, easy to practise tools to help you cope with nerves and get your message across memorably. You'll learn how to structure your material for the best impact and present to audiences of varied sizes. It is fun and effective with plenty of opportunities to practice. Presentation Course Objectives: What Already Works About How Presentation Developing a Unique What Happens To You? Practising a Range of Hints and Stretching Your Style, Flair and Support Enlivening Your Confidence ...

Public Speaking Course - 25th November 2019 - Impact Factory London

Date: 25-Nov-19 to 25-Nov-19
Location: United Kingdom
This public speaking course in London concentrates on confident public speaking, particularly how to deal with nerves and anxiety. It offers simple, easy to practise tools to help you cope with nerves and get your message across memorably. You'll learn how to structure your material for the biggest impact and speak effectively to audiences of varied sizes. It is a fun and effective course, with plenty of opportunities to practice. We believe it is one of the most popular and effective public speaking courses in London. Course Objectives: Dealing with Your What Already Works For You? How Public Speaking Dealing With How to Why we Get Overcoming the Practical Hints and Telling a Building Your Techniques to What ...

Communicate with Impact Course - 25th Nov 2019 - Impact Factory London

Date: 25-Nov-19 to 29-Nov-19
Location: United Kingdom
Communicate with Impact will equip you with the awareness, tools, confidence and energy to create the impact you choose when you choose to create it. This is a challenging communications course that incorporates material from many disciplines. It will make a substantial difference to your leadership, communication and relationship skills. It will be particularly beneficial for those who: Are taking on a more senior Have to influence those within and outside their Are required to motivate and inspire Need to represent their organisation at a much higher No matter what your present abilities, we will help you develop them, both professionally and personally. Course Objectives: Developing awareness of how you create an Understanding how communication ...

War on Cancer Europe 2019

Date: 26-Nov-19 to 26-Nov-19
Location: London / United Kingdom
Over the last four years, the Economist Events’ series of cancer summits in Europe has articulated the challenges and opportunities in improving cancer control. There is still considerable unmet patient and societal need; cancer control and preparedness varies among and within countries; and investment and health systems generally lag behind the advances in technology and services available to combat cancer. The way forward can seem dauntingly complex. This year’s summit will look to solutions, not problems. It will build on the findings of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s recently released Index of Cancer Preparedness and explore examples and case studies from programmes that have navigated the complexities to genuinely “move the needle” on cancer control. We will celebrate the ...

Building Resilience Course - 26th November 2019 - Impact Factory London

Date: 26-Nov-19 to 26-Nov-19
Location: United Kingdom
What is resilience, and how can you build it? Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. In our resilience building course, you will look at where you already feel resilient and the kind of circumstances that can undermine your resilience. We will look at patterns, default behaviour, emotional reactions, expectations and offer practical, do-able tools and techniques that will help you build resilience for yourself and others. Course Objectives; Understanding What Supports What Undermines Identify Changing Default What Happens Under To Build Tools that Build To Have Fun! What Our Delegates Say: “Highly recommend. This was a fantastic course and I came away feeling so much more knowledgeable about this ...