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Ground Breaking Study Reviews Therapy that Remediates All Types of Dyslexia

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Speeding up Brain improves Reading, Attention, and Executive-Control Networks

We are so deeply grateful for your special, smart, ground-breaking program. We have tried EVERYTHING up until now, and nothing seemed to work. You truly have made a difference. Thank you so very much.”
— Warmly, Kim Macri, Ramsey, New Jersey
SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, April 13, 2022 / -- Dyslexia, problems in reading fluently, reading words very slowly and with many mistakes, is a major problem in the schools and homes. There are over 6 million students in the California public schools. 20% (over 1 million) are estimated to have some signs of dyslexia. Of these 1 million kids, approximately 220,000 are receiving special education services under the category of a Specific Learning Disability in the area of reading. Moreover, more than 1 in 3 children who started school in the pandemic need ‘Intensive’ reading help.

Even though treatments for all types of dyslexia were mandated by California in 2017 (AB 1369), only phonologically-based treatments are being considered, as stated on their website: AB 1369 FAQs. As many as 30% of children in school with dyslexia do not show the expected phonological deficits or do not respond successfully to phonologically-based remediation.

Considerable evidence confirms that many dyslexic readers have impairments in motion perception, as reviewed in a new publication entitled: - Visual Neural Timing Problems May Interfere with Reading, Attention, and Memory: Looking Beyond 20/20 Acuity: Click here to download this article. These visual timing deficits limit reading speed and comprehension in dyslexics. As discussed in this article, PATH neurotraining is the most effective and rapid visually-based therapy to remediate all types of dyslexia.

Neuroscience research presented in this article shows that PATH eye-brain exercises (movement-discrimination) significantly improve the functioning of the visual, attention, memory, and executive control pathways. Only 10-15 minutes of PATH eye-brain exercises several times a week for 1-6 months speeds up the motion visual system. Research shows that doing rapid, specific eye-brain exercises significantly improves one’s ability to read rapidly, accurately, and with comprehension, for those aged 5 up to 71 years, improving up to 11-fold in reading speed, and 1.5 - 7 grade levels in comprehension. Moreover, PATH training can be tried out for a free week (7 sessions). In addition to visually-based improvements, phonologically-based improvements up to 73% are found. PATH training not only improves reading skills, it also improves focused attention up to 82%, and short-term memory, both visual and auditory up to 95%.

This new publication provides evidence that such movement-discrimination exercises activate both low and high levels in the visual motion system, affecting both feedforward and feedback pathways. These exercises boost reading by improving the visual attention, memory and executive-control networks. If these exercises precede guided reading, vision or cognitive therapy, then all targeted cognitive skills improve. Visual movement-discrimination plays a very important role in the acquisition of reading skills, not only in people with dyslexia, but also in typically developing children. These studies call for a paradigm shift from phonologically-based to visually-based methods for remediating dyslexia. Moreover, this adaptive training shows cognitive transfer to tasks not trained, significantly improving a person’s quality of life rapidly and effectively.

Dozens of testimonials from teachers, parents, students, and optometrists can be found on: or upon request.

Perception Dynamics Institute (PDI) training (PATH to Reading/Insight) uses patented neuroscience techniques to retrain the neural pathways needed to focus attention, read, learn, and remember. PDI training transforms cognitive skills after being plagued by learning problems or a concussion through the use of a scientifically validated system that is easy to use, and improves one’s cognitive function and quality of life, so that learning problems or a concussion does not derail one’s life.

Do you or your child struggle with reading, paying attention, or remembering?

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Neuroscience behind why PATH neurotraining is so rapid and effective for many

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